Saturday, April 25, 2009

A few things later...

So... Since the last time I posted on my blog and I was almost dead with pneumonia, a few good things have happened.

Good thing one - antibiotics. After I went to the doctor and he took some blood to test for mono and then prescribed a chest x-ray, they decided that I had some cloudy garbage in my lung and he gave me some sweet anti-biotics and an inhaler. Within just a few days I stopped coughing as badly and in just a few weeks I was completely cured. It was good.

I rocked every test during my sick months. It was a dark time, but there were definitely a few bright spots.

A few weeks back - we went to Brigham for conference. It was way fun to hang out with Jake and his family. They always are way nice to us and let us hang out at their house. We even had grandma tacos between sessions on Sunday which are a Daley tradition - corn tortillas with hamburger inside deep fried and then filled with whatever we could find. Way amazing.

Also, that next Friday I hung out with Janet's dad in Farmington and then with her mom and Chuck in Pocatello and they told me it was cool for us to get married. I was pretty happy. We had already found a ring that we liked, and Eileen at Needhams was pretty good at making sure we had everything we needed.

That week was pretty stressful (I had the ring, she knew that it was going down sometime) and I had to get a slideshow ready for Friday when I was going to make it happen.

Friday came, and she knew that I was going to propose. Long story short - it didn't happen when she was thinking it was going to, it did happen afterall, and she said yes. :)

This last week was amazingly busy. I have two finals in this week that's coming, so I started studying, and I never really stopped. I can't remember the last time that a week has flown by that quickly. We had discussed the need that we have for an apartment as soon as we get married, so we stopped by the institute to look at the postings, and set up some appointments for this morning. We went and checked them out - and found one that works perfectly. We're getting married in July, and they're going to be done remodeling it mid June just in time for us to move in. We both have summer contracts, so May isn't a problem, but it was another amazing step towards happily ever after. It's not too gigantic, but it's cheaper than any of the other apartments we saw and it's just right. You'll have to come visit when we get moved in. All we need now is some stuff to put in it.

Ring - check
Permission - check
Yes - check
Apartment - check
Finals - not quite
Another job - not quite, either

We're getting there.

I have lots of new pictures, but my computer hates my complex's internet. Stay posted, I'll get them up the next time I have my laptop up on campus.


Lisa said...

Congratulations! :)

Halli said...

What a huge month it has been for you! And what an exciting time. You will always remember this time as one of the best of your life, even though it's been tough! We love you and Janet!
Your Mom

Val said...

Congrats, Bud! You deserve the best, and it looks like it's happening. Love you!