Monday, October 27, 2008

long time gone

So...  I really dont know what has gotten into me these last two weeks that I have worked the late shift and have allocated my time so poorly as to not even write a sentence about my life.  Probably because I have had some seriously huge tests and lots of other things besides blogging on my mind...

1 - Biology.  Who even cares?  Seriously.  Sometimes it feels like the only reason he teaches us some 'important concepts' is so that he can weave his little web 0f lies thick enough to where he can spring grade-level-dropping amounts of random questions in the tests.  Frustrating.  

2 - Pumpkin shakes at Charlie's.  Only $1.99 right now and easily the best thing I have eaten in months.

3 - Pictures.  Check out these way sweet pictures I have taken over the last little while.  Since it's fall and there are lots of leaves around, you might be able to find a running theme.

From Goodness

The majority of these pictures come from Adam's park right by Grandma Stone's house.  It still seems strange to me to not go back to her house after playing in the park.  I can remember walking down the street with Val and getting lost on our way back.  And, I remember when the entire Stone family met up in the park before we went up to Grandma's for a birthday party.  Great times with great people.

4 - My giant pumpkin rotted.  When I was home a few weekends ago mom and I made a trip to Sam's club where she bought me a giant pumpkin.  Said pumpkin lived happily for a small while in my living room, but then started to get a little smaller, and a dark green color appeared around the stem.  The green color has since moved to the majority of the pumpkins surface, and you better believe that it smells horrible and is sitting right outside our door.  Pictures to follow.

5 - It's 1:39 am and there are still six people in the lab with me.  A new record.

6 - Mom bought me a sick cowboy shirt in Pulman.  Can't wait to see it.

7 - I had an amazing birthday weekend in Idaho Falls.  I really dont think it could have gotten any better.  I went home on Thursday (Friday was off because of Fall Break) and we ended up rocking out that night with some Guitar Hero and we discovered that Audrey (Maria's daughter) knows the words to the "Rock and Roll All Night" by KISS.  Interesting.  Friday I made some pita bread with Audrey and took it to Brandon at school and swung some by Val-Dawg in her sick office.  Her office wouldn't be nearly as cool if it weren't for my DI skills.  I headed to Pocatello for a Secondhand Serenade concert, and got back in time to wake up to go golfing with Blaze.  (It turns out that golf is actually pretty fun, and wearing sick golf hats only makes it more fun.)  (Blaze is actually a pro, and shot at least 14 holes in one)  We came back for some lunch and then Blaze and I hit the mall.  Dinner was my favorite pizza, and the best cake in the world.  On Sunday morning, we all had crepes, went to church, and then had some roast and potatoes for dinner.  Really, I cant think of a better weekend.  Ever.  

I think that's about three weeks worth of goodness.  Everything's good here - hope everything's good everywhere else.

Monday, October 6, 2008

October is here. Finally.

so...  it turns out that of the 12 months of the year, October just happens to be my favorite.  Maybe because everything important in my entire life has happened in October.  (life begain in October, my life is celebrated every October, Halloween happens in October, I left for my mission in October, got back from my mission in October, general conference happens every October, USU dropped BYU's ranking in October, thirty of my friends were born in October, etc.)  And, because this is the first post of October, I thought it was necessary to make those facts known.

I don't think I have had a dull moment in about a year.

Last week started off with a trip to Clearfield to hang out with Mer's crew, plus Louisa's bunch.  It's always fun to be around my perfect family, because I always get reminded of how much they rock. These are a few pictures I took with my computer web cam - sometimes Tyler's smile needed to be coaxed a little.

From Oct 08

From Oct 08

From Oct 08
Needless to say - that was a blast.  I love those little kids.  And, obviously, they love me too.  More than any other uncle, at least.  Just ask Carson.

My "year" mission reunion was last Friday in Salt Lake.  It was kind of a mixed bag affair, mainly because I tend to forget lots of things that happened in Texas - but when I saw a lot of faces that I hadn't seen in years, all of those things came rushing back.  It was also grand to hear President Scott teach from the scriptures again.  Love that man.

Friday was also the BYU USU game.  (look at the signs in the pictures.  :)  )Needless to say, we lost.  But, 34-14 isn't too bad when you consider the fact that we have won a grand total of 4 games in the past 3 years...  And the fact that our two touchdowns dropped BYU's ranking.  That's a W in my book.  And, you still live in Provo.  (When I was looking for some cool pages to link to about the game, I found this one about how our cremery rocks BYU's)   

Blaze and Stealth took me out to breakfast with our buddy Robb on Saturday morning, which also rocked.  It was good to see them.  I decided at breakfast that the more cool people you have together in the same spot, the better.  IHOP was rocking Saturday.

That's pretty much it.  Until another rediculously late shift in the computer lab...